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Trinity Church of England High School, Manchester: Admissions
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Admissions and Transition Title
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Thomas Thorpe

A Fantastic School

"The change from my primary school, The Church of England School of the Resurrection, to Trinity has been a great experience.

My past year at Trinity has helped me adapt to what life is like on the ‘outside world.’

There is so much on offer at Trinity, I came here as a shy little boy and now I’m the captain of the school football team, in a 'high flying' form and getting great levels in tests thanks to all the staff.

I almost didn’t get into Trinity so my parents had to appeal and it was granted, how thankful I am."


"I would recommend Trinity to any parents and children, it is a fantastic school!"

Evie Husbands

New And Fun Experiences

"Year seven was full of new and fun experiences. I made new friends and discovered subjects I never thought I would like.

I took part in lots of activities like netball, hockey, film club and orchestra. I also went to Edale on an Exploring Christianity Retreat. There was also activities week which was very exciting.

My transition from primary to secondary was easier than I expected. I thought I wouldn’t make any friends but fortunately, I made lots. I am looking forward to the peak experience, which is at the end of year eight."

Emilia Nicol

I Can’t Wait!!!

"I was one of the only people from my primary school to come here. I was really scared and thought I wouldn't make any friends. I then joined dance club with Miss Greene and then started making many new friends. Also I got involved with a project for the BBC and was put as a principal dancer in our school production “Oliver”. During Oliver I made many new friends from older years of the school and had many older people to say ‘Hi’ to in the corridors.

At the end of year seven we had activities week which was really fun. I chose drama and really enjoyed myself."


"I’m looking forward to the Peak District at the end of year 8, which is a residential trip built on trusting your peers. I can’t wait!!!"

Jaydyn Arthur

You Will Really Enjoy Trinity

"I was really excited to go on the taster days in year 6 because some of my friends were going and my sister had gone through all 5 years of Trinity and had told me amazing things. We did exciting things on the taster days like football, long jumping and cool experimenting. I also made new friends on the taster days too. The experience was exhilarating!

When I officially started I was shocked to see the actual size of the year group. I was also excited to be in the new form with a few of my friends and I started to make new friends too. I also loved the activities and opportunities I got."


"You will really enjoy Trinity. No wonder it’s outstanding!"

Esther Douglas

Really Enjoying My Time Here

"I have had a great experience at Trinity for the past year (and half a term) and thoroughly enjoyed everything that Trinity has to offer.

Moving from year 6 to year 7 was very exciting, however I did not know anyone going to Trinity; so I was a bit nervous. I found it extremely easy to make friends at Trinity and find that now I have made great friends I am really enjoying my time at Trinity. The school environment is great and all the teachers were so encouraging. Trinity has lots of clubs to offer and I have particularly enjoyed the sports offered here. I have participated in almost every sport available including: netball, basketball, rounders, swimming, athletics, badminton and many more. I also really enjoy music and drama and receive free piano and guitar lessons which are brilliant. I was part of the school production of Oliver last year which was a huge success!"

"Overall, Trinity has provided a great transition and I am really enjoying my time here!"

transparent placeholderA Parent's Impression of Trinity

"I have a son in year 7 and daughters in years 8 and 11, so feel qualified to share what I've found so far.

There are two areas of real excellence that I would highlight that my wife and I have been particularly pleased with, transition and extra-curricular activities.

Firstly, any parent worries about the transition from primary to secondary school for their child. More so, I think, when there are just one or two children going from their feeder school. So the school, under the wonderfully bright and enthusiastic Head of Transition, takes great care to ensure that the transition is as easy and as stress free as is possible. Every effort is made to know the pupil before they step foot into the school. All my children settled in very quickly, making new friends almost straight away. But even when they didn't, we felt there was a smile and an arm around them from all of the staff.

Secondly the area we feel our children have particularly benefitted from and enjoyed is the schools extra-curricular activities and 'wrap around' care. Starting with the 'fresher’s fair' in the first few days of year 7 where the children are encouraged to join is some club or society to pursue interests outside the curriculum. The music provision is wonderful. Plays, choirs (at least 5 different types) and drama abound. Every sport and activity is catered for, well nearly! I call it the Trinity Plus; the feeling that the school is interested in and invested in our children, their personal development from children to young adults not just their grades at the end of year 11."


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