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Thursday 23 November 2017 (week 1 day 4) | email | e-learning

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CEIAG Monthly Message Toolkit

September’s theme / sector is the Engineering Sector:


Boiled down to its very essence, engineering combines mathematics and scientific principles to provide effective solutions to people, businesses, and society at large. Engineers create new products, facilitate product development, test and screen these to drive change, and better serve people and businesses. They are problem-solvers, looking at ways in which issues may be improved, with a solutions-based approach. This can be physical, taking shape in a new bottle or bridge; this can be energy-centric, with the creation of renewable energy commodities; this can be virtual, with new hardware created to advance current systems.

Engineering contributes 26% of the UK’s GDP – viewed in terms of Gross Value Added. Its contribution is more than that of the retail, wholesale, financial and insurance sectors combined. Engineering activity has a particularly high wider employment multiplier effect (every extra person employed in engineering supports another 1.74 other jobs). As the global economy evolves and Britain prepares for a new future, engineering and technology will play an ever more vital role in driving our economy, creating employment, building the essential infrastructure to compete in the modern world, and enabling a higher quality of life for all, from cleaner air in cities to faster broadband, from growth of high-tech start-ups to more energy-efficient homes.

It has been forecast that engineering employers will need to recruit 265,000 skilled entrants annually to meet demand for engineering enterprises through to 2024, this figure has increased drastically from last year’s forecast of 182,000.



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