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Thursday 23 November 2017 (week 1 day 4) | email | e-learning


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24th November 2017


GCSE Presentation Evening

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On Friday, 17th November, 2017, our annual GCSE Presentation Evening was once again held in the magnificent Whitworth Hall at the University of Manchester. We were delighted to welcome students back who left last year, along with many students who have continued into our Sixth Form, to present them with their GCSE certificates, along with some special awards and subject prizes. Our guest of honour was the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester, Mr Kui Man Gerry Yeung OBE DL, and he was thrilled to present our students with their certificates. The top left photo shows Bethan Rogers with Mr Nicholls.

Special Awards

The special awards listed below were presented to the following students at the Presentation Evening:

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Speakers for Schools

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We were delighted to host another great motivational speaker from the national 'Speakers for Schools' organisation.  Mark Rigby is the current president of Wasps Rugby Football Club and chief executive of business rent and rates firm CVS Business Rates, although during the talk to students he informed them that he had just sold the company for a cool £36 million!  Mark shared the story of his success with our Year 10, Year 11 and Sixth Form Business and Economics students. The key message for students was that you can only control the controllables:  how you dress and the impression you create, how you influence other people and how hard you work.  Mark gave several examples of where his message of 'keeping things simple' helped teams and companies focus on their core objectives.  Thanks to Mr Nesbitt in school for organising the event.

Children in Need

Last Friday, we held a non-uniform day in aid of Children in Need. We are very pleased to report that a total of £1232.13 was raised by the school. Thank you to everyone who donated - it will make a big difference to the lives of many disadvantaged children.

Year 11 Parents’ Evening

Earlier this month, we had a new venue for the Year 11 parents evening: our Sixth Form Centre! The evening was a great success with over 82% of parents in attendance.

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History Trip to Auschwitz

From Head of History, Mrs Wright:

“On 2nd November, two Sixth Form students had the opportunity to visit Concentration Camps at Auschwitz in Poland. During the trip they were able to see the extent of the racism and hatred adopted by the Nazi regime through the Book of Names which contains the 4.2 million names of the known victims of the Holocaust collected by the Yad Vashem Institute, to the collections of the shoes and suitcases brought to Auschwitz by those who would die there; it was a humbling experience and one that contains a frightful lesson from history about where racism and bigotry can ultimately end.”

One of the students who attended the trip, Nelson Bowes, shares his experience from the one day visit:

“Going to Auschwitz last week showed me two things which were very important: the meaning of hope, and the meaning and feeling of loss. When we went, I didn't have a very certain feeling of what I was meant to feel. When I set foot on the site where so many Jews had been sent to be murdered, whether by work or by gas, I developed more of an understanding of the hatred that exists in the world and how wrong it is when, ultimately, we are all members of one race - human beings. The loss of life in the time we live in is terribly high, yet through hope the message can be spread that nothing like this should ever happen again.”

Advent Carol Service

Please note, the date of our Advent Carol Service has changed and will now take place on Monday, 4th December, 2017, at 1pm at St Ann’s Church in Manchester. We hope that many parents, governors and friends of the school will be able to join us for this special occasion.

And Finally……

...Christmas is coming! All staff and students are invited to take part in the school’s ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ on Friday, 15th December. Full details can be found in the poster below.

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