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Codes of Conduct

The Sixth Form Centre is available for the exclusive use of Sixth Form Students. Good conduct in accordance with the School Rules is expected of everyone.


General Regulations

  • Sixth students may use the Sixth Form Centre (café and Study area) before and after School and during break time/lunchtime only.
  • The outside area may be used when weather permits but no litter must be left outside.
  • The Sixth Form Entrance door is also a fire escape so must not be blocked at any time. You must familiarise yourself with the school fire procedures which are clearly displayed in the Sixth Form.
  • The School rules about mobile phones also apply in the Sixth Form Centre. Phones can only be used during free time or in the cafe. They should not be seen during lessons.
  • Students must sign in and out when using Sixth Form. The signing in book is located next to the entrance to Sixth Form. This is essential to adhere with school regulations.
  • You must use the bins provided.
  • All students will be responsible for general tidying of the Sixth Form each day.


Dress and Appearance

  • Students are expected to adhere to the dress code as specified in the Professional dress code document. The general requirement is that students should look smart and businesslike. A good example must be set (leisure wear, including hoodies, is not acceptable).



  • Sixth Form students have special privileges in regards to the cafe. You are able to use the facilities during any free lessons.
  • Food should be consumed in the cafe area to avoid any damage to the computers or spillages on the carpets.
  • Students must clear their tables when finished, returning trays and crockery and placing litter in the bins.
  • Students must not enter the kitchen.


Private Study Sessions

  • Students must go to supervised Private Study in SG3 when they are free. The supervisor in charge will take a register.
  • Students are expected to work in silence.
  • Students must seek the permission of the supervising teacher/Sixth Form Administrator if they wish to go to curriculum areas or the LRB.
  • Use of the computers is at the discretion of the supervising teacher and must only be for schoolwork. The playing of games on the computers will lead to students being locked out of the School Network.
  • It is acceptable to read a quality newspaper during Private Study.
  • No food is allowed in SG3. Only water should be consumed.
  • The rules also apply at break and lunchtime as some students may wish to study then.
  • Students may use their own laptops/tablets when working in the café area by connected to the Wi-Fi.


Sixth Form Privileges

  • Sixth Formers have a number of privileges not enjoyed by other students. It is essential that students do not abuse these privileges as this may lead to them being withdrawn. Therefore these points should be borne in mind:
  • You must arrive by 8.25am ready for Registration at 8.30am.
  • You may go out at lunchtime but must return with plenty of time for your afternoon lessons.
  • You must not leave the premises at break or in your free lessons unless you have prior permission and sign out and then back in.


In Case of illness

  • It is important that you adhere to a few simple rules if you feel unwell during the school day.
  • You must ask either the Head of Sixth Form or Administrator for permission to go home.
  • You must sign out.
  • Unless you follow this procedure, your absence will be regarded as unauthorised and you will be expected to make up the time.
  • You must inform us before 9am if you know you are going to be absent from school because of illness. This can be a phone call from a parent/carer or yourself.


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