Greetings from the Chaplain

As School Chaplain it’s my privilege to help serve the school by helping the students and staff explore and develop faith in a safe, relevant and encouraging environment, and help us celebrate what it means to be a faith community with a Christian ethos.

Our committed and dynamic chaplaincy team offer several connection points throughout the life of the school: regular assemblies and special assemblies, weekly Christian Unions for upper and lower school, Eucharists (attendance is on a voluntary basis), weekly staff prayers, a spiritual and reflective thought for the week, spiritual retreats, and a variety of special events in school and around Manchester.

A core component of the chaplaincy work is to lead the ‘Trinity Together’ initiative, which is build on the school’s vision and values and two key scriptures from Matthew Ch 22, v 37-40 and John Ch 10 v10 (see ‘Vision and Values’ section of website for more details)

In addition to my base in the School Chapel, you’ll see me around the school, in assemblies, RE lessons, teaching Maths and Engineering – and being involved in lots of other school activities. I love the city and the outdoors, and enjoy sports, music, travel, coffee and good food (in no particular order).

Revd Dr Steve Birkinshaw School Chaplain
Christian UnionsEucharists‘Exploring Christianity’ Retreat

Christian Unions

Tuesday lunchtimes in the School Chapel

Christian Union (CU) is a place to come and explore faith & life in a fun way. CU take place in the Chapel every Tuesday lunchtime (12:20-1pm for Y7 & 10, 1:20-2pm for Y8,9 & 11).

Topics are wide-ranging but always relevant to exploring how, as young people, to ‘live life in it’s fulness’ (John 10:10). Our CUs are supported by Sarah and Peter (the Youth and Family Minister and Youth Worker) from Holy Trinity Platt. We always have fun, share biscuits, talk about flourishing as young Christians, as well as collecting for charity and taking part faith-inspired in projects around Manchester.


The Eucharist is the Christian service of Holy Communion (sharing bread and wine or the ‘Lord’s Supper’). Students from all faith backgrounds are welcome and attendance is optional. Eucharists are led by Anglican priests from around the Diocese of Manchester, and their support and partnership with the school is greatly appreciated.




Start of Year Eucharist

Friday 8th September 2023 

Revd Azariah France-Williams, Ascension Church, Hulme

Harvest + One World Eucharist

Friday 20th October 2023

Revd Jack Marsh, Holy Trinity Platt

Advent Eucharist

Thursday 23rd November 2023 

Revd Matt Calladine, St Margaret’s, Burnage

Christmas Eucharist

Friday 15th December 2023

Revd Mark Hewerdine, St Chad’s Ladybarn

Epiphany Eucharist  

Friday 12th January 2024

Revd Mark Hewerdine, St Chad’s Ladybarn

Candlemas Eucharist 

Friday 9th February 2024

Revd Nick Watson, Area Dean of Manchester South and Stretford

Start of Lent Eucharist

Friday 1st March 2024

Revd Kathreen Shahbaz, Brunswick Parish Church

Passion Eucharist

Friday 22nd March 2024

Revd Sarah Bradley, Holy Trinity Platt

Easter Eucharist

Friday 19th April 2024

Rt Revd Mark Davies, Bishop of Middleton

Pentecost Eucharist

Thursday  23rd May 2024

Revd Jo Jarrett, St Hilda’s, Firswood

Trinity Eucharist

Friday 7th June 2024

Revd Augustine Tanner-Ihm, St James & Emmanuel

End of Year Eucharist

Friday 19th July 2024


Year 7 ‘Exploring Christianity’ Retreat

‘It was great to explore my relationship with God in a fun and active way.’ This is a quote from one of our year 7 students who participated in the Year 7 ‘Exploring Christianity Retreat’

Year 7 students are invited to head out to the the Peak District for two days of activities, groupwork and fun experiences – all centered around exploring what it means to follow Jesus and live out our faith. The feedback from students is overwhelmingly positive: ‘Really enjoyable – lots of fun’, ‘I learnt a lot’, ‘Our Exploring Christianity sessions were great and were able to connect us with Jesus’, ‘It challenged me and now I’ve tried something new that I love.’

Sarah Bradley, the Youth and Children’s Minister from Holy Trinity Platt, – who also help with Christian Unions in the school – is our guest speaker. The ‘Exploring Christianity’ sessions enable students to explore their understanding of God and their Christian faith, and the approved outward bounds instructors provide physical and teamwork tasks (climbing, abseiling, weaseling, etc.) The retreat finishes with a challenging walk … and ice cream at the local shops provided a well-earned reward!

The Exploring Christianity Retreat is booked for Friday 10th – Saturday 11th May  2024

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