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Attendance at School

Attendance at school is of the utmost importance, as it is strongly linked to good attainment and achievement. Our pastoral teams and Student Services work closely with students and parents to ensure attendance is as high as possible.

At school, we have a colour banding system so that parents can easily recognise the level of their child’s attendance:

90% and below  Considered to be a ‘persistently absent’ student and immediate improvements are required.

90.1% – 95.9%  Considered to be on track to becoming a ‘persistently absent’ student and immediate improvements are required.

96% and above  Considered to be in line with the government and Trinity’s acceptable attendance. However, we are always aiming for 100% attendance!

At the start of this term, recognition was given to students who have had 100% attendance for a minimum of one school year at Trinity:

  • Bronze = 100% attendance for 1 year
  • Silver = 100% attendance for 2 years
  • Gold = 100% attendance for 3 years
  • Platinum = 100% attendance for 4 years

During the first week of term, the following badges were handed out to students:

Congratulations to all students who received an attendance badge. A special mention must be made to four students in Year 11, who have had 100% attendance for four years during Years 7 – 10. This is a tremendous achievement and we are hoping that all four students will be aiming for the coveted prize of 100% attendance over five years at the end of Year 11.

Well done to Taylor, Adeshina, Sarthak and Ayomide, pictured below, on their outstanding attendance record.

Earlier this week, our Governors’ Personnel Committee scrutinised the attendance figures for 2018/19 and were very pleased to see such positive figures. Our overall attendance figure for half terms 1-5 for Years 7-11 in 2018/19 was 96.6% and the attendance for individual form groups and year groups can be seen in the table below. If all students can strive for 100% attendance, we hope we can make this figure even more positive!


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