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Easter School

Over the Easter break, school remained open for a small number of children of key workers. Mr Butt, Ms Laming and Mr Worsley tell us about some of the sessions and activities that took place in school:
Students started each day warming up with some table tennis…

Students learnt about first aid during one session. With social distancing in the forefront of all our minds, the students took it in turns to learn ‘hands only CPR’. The students then went on to look at arriving at the scene of a First Aid incident, this involved the students discussing the different aims of first aid including primary and secondary surveys. The session concluded with learning about the range of information that someone needs when they are calling the emergency services.

Creative activities took place with Miss Ribbons. The students started with some ceramic painting, followed by making marble printed cards. The students really enjoyed being able to experiment with the marble inks to make a pattern in the water.

On 09.04.2020, students enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt with a difference; rather than looking for eggs, they had to find missing bits to their Easter picture. The students were all very close to finishing their pictures and went home with mini-eggs, creme eggs and a hollow egg each. Shiloh won the big egg for finding a picture of the cross of Jesus hidden around the site.
On the same day, during a visit by our School Based Police Officer, PC Simpson, our students decided to make Happy Easter and Get Well Soon cards for NHS staff and patients in a bid to lift public spirits. The cards were delivered by the Schools’ Policing team to selected wards at Manchester Royal Infirmary and Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Activities took place with Mr Cater based around the recording of Seven Nation Army. Students were introduced to the music and then spent time rehearsing on a variety of different instruments including guitar, base, piano and steel pans.

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24th April 2020 – Vol 36 | No 28