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Enhanced Support Measures Regarding Covid-19

Earlier this week, the government announced that a package of enhanced response measures will be introduced in Greater Manchester Council areas in order to tackle the Delta (B1.617.2) variant of Covid-19.
The school will be following recommendations from Directors of Public Health that have been made to secondary schools within the Manchester Local Authority.
The enhanced measures that we will be taking as a school are as follows:

1 – Week beginning 14th June: Re-introduction of face coverings for all students – they are to be worn in classrooms and on corridors.

2 – Week beginning 14th June: For students whose parents/carers have consented to lateral flow testing in school, we will be carrying out lateral flow testing twice during this half term. All tests are carried out by the individual student themselves. Staff will be present to support each student in the process. However, it is essential that tests continue to be regularly completed at home. If you would like to withdraw your previous consent, or alternatively, if you did not give consent previously but would like to do so now, then please contact Miss Laming on

3 – Week beginning 21st June: All students will be provided with home lateral flow testing kits and instructions. These will be distributed by form tutors. The expectation is that students will complete tests twice per week, (3 to 4 days apart) usually the evening/morning before they come into school.

4 – Reporting test results: All home test results for a student must be reported to the NHS track and trace via the government website, or by phone, every time they take a test, even if the result was negative or void. Tests results no longer need to be registered with the school. This process is key to helping break the links in transmission and helping to ensure education settings remain open to all students and staff. Please use the link below:

5 – Additional support: Any parent/carer who requires support with the home testing process is encouraged to contact Miss Laming in Student Services on: and we will conduct the test for your child in school.


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11th June 2021 – Vol 37 | No 34