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Jul 22, 2024

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Jul 22, 2024

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Jul 12, 2024

80s Retro Day

Futbol Lingo Event

From Teacher of MFL, Ms Knight:

“On Thursday 25th January, Year 9 students assembled in the Interactive Lecture Theatre for a presentation about the benefits of learning languages in relation to the world of football. This talk was presented by a company called Futbol Lingo. Our students were encouraged to think about the wider world of sport and the possible job opportunities which require the study of languages at GCSE or beyond.

The first part of the sessions included a talk about different jobs within a football club including physiotherapists, nutritionists as well as football managers. In addition, students were able to hear the language skills of some of the most famous footballers including some of them being bilingual, trilingual and even polyglots!

In the afternoon, a selection of Year 9 students attended a workshop where they were able to experiment with the Futbol lingo app which encouraged a fun and fast pace vocabulary learning experience related to the topic of football. Furthermore, in each workshop, students were put into groups and allocated a Hispanic or Francophone country. Each team were given the task to advertise their country and to include reasons why it should be chosen to host the next world cup. Each team presented to the rest of the group in the Target Language using very persuasive and impressive language skills.

On the school website more information can be accessed about the Year 9 Options process. There are some short introductory videos for Spanish and French which we would encourage you to watch.”