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Jun 24, 2022

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Jun 24, 2022

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Jun 24, 2022

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Jun 24, 2022


Jun 17, 2022

‘Why Read?’ Competition Winners

Jun 17, 2022


‘Make Your Mark’ Ballot

Last month, Assistant Head and Head of KS3, Ms Baxendale, and one of our Year 9 students, Callum, who is a member of the Manchester Youth Council, led assemblies on the ‘Make Your Mark’ ballot. Following a  presentation about the topics on the ballot paper, our students were asked to vote.

The topics on the ballot paper were decided by members of the UK Youth Parliament at their annual conference in August 2019, and our students had a total of 3 votes during the assemblies. They had the opportunity to vote for one UK topic (such as protecting the environment, being able to vote at 16, etc), one devolved topic (such as tackling child poverty, mental health, etc) and they could suggest their own local topic.

These important votes count towards what the UK Youth Parliament will be campaigning for next year. The UK Youth Parliament are the only organisation that is allowed to sit in the House of Commons, other than MPs, and they provide opportunities for 11-18 years olds to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change.

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11th October 2019 – Vol 36 | No 6