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‘Mental Toughness’

Following the mock exam results in the first week back, the Year 11 students gathered in the main school hall for an assembly of two parts. The first was a presentation by Mr Westmoreland and Mr Cann which outlined the main milestones remaining in Year 11, emphasising that there is ‘no time to waste’ in preparing for forthcoming exams. The second part of the assembly was led by Ms Coxon and Ms Hladky – both teachers in the Sixth Form – whose theme on this occasion was ‘Mental Toughness’. This programme is school wide and lessons each Wednesday morning during form time emphasise the four ‘Cs’; control, commitment, challenge and confidence. The programme aims to build resilience in learners and increase our students’ ability to ‘bounce back’ from any set backs or failures – a very important life skill that supports an individual’s well-being.

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24th January 2020 – Vol 36 | No 18