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The Chalk Circle

There is now less than two weeks to go before the opening night of this year’s school play, ‘The Chalk Circle’.
The play is the story of Grusha, a kitchen maid who rescues the baby son of a Georgian governor after he has been abandoned by his mother. Evading the pursuing troops, Grusha treks through the Caucasian mountains, finds shelter with her brother and is forced into marriage with a supposedly dying farmer. Eventually the child is reclaimed by the opposition soldiers and the play’s second half is taken up with the story of Azdak, a village clerk turned judge, who is forced to arbitrate on whether the child belongs to Grusha or the governor’s wife.
We have a large cast from Years 7-10, working with the assistance of stage managers from the Sixth Form. Rehearsals are full of laughter, quality acting and moments of wonderful theatricality – it will be a really entertaining performance and we urge you all to come along.

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28th February 2020 – Vol 36 | No 22