To apply for a place at Trinity you must complete a Common Application Form for your Local Authority (LA) which must be completed and returned to your Local Authority.

You must also complete a Trinity Supplementary Application Form.

Trinity Supplementary Application form for 2020 Admissions and Y7-Y11 Waiting Lists
Trinity Supplementary Application Form For 2021 Admissions


The Trinity Supplementary Application Form must be completed and returned to Trinity as follows:

The Clerk to the Governors
Trinity Church of England High School
Higher Cambridge Street
M15 6HP

Please note that the Trinity Supplementary Application Form cannot be submitted online.

Local Authority Forms can be found on your local council website:


Please also see our latest Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy for September 2021

For any more information please contact us at


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Jul 3, 2020

1:1 KS3 Pastoral Meetings

We have recently extended our pastoral care offer by inviting all KS3 students and their parents/carers to attend a twenty minute meeting with a member of our pastoral team, to discuss their experiences of learning at home and life during ‘lockdown’. The meetings began in the Sports Centre on Monday, 29th June, and will continue […]

Jul 3, 2020

Year 10 and Year 12 Face to Face Support Sessions

Our face to face support sessions have been taking place for the past three weeks in school and we have been delighted to see so many of our students in attendance. The face to face sessions are also being supplemented by live question and answer seminars for our Year 10 students through Microsoft Teams. Read […]

Jul 3, 2020

Message of Support

We are always pleased to receive messages of support: “Some encouragement for you and your staff – I’ve heard such good reports about Trinity’s care for students over the last few weeks.  A lot of your students go to my church and their parents have had nothing but praise for Trinity staff going the extra […]

Jul 3, 2020

House Team Weekly Challenge

Last week’s House Team Weekly Challenge was to submit a snapshot of life during lockdown through a window. A single photo documenting this incredibly strange moment in history to help capture these dark times in a beautiful way. Thank you for all of the entries – some of our most notable included: Freedom to Roam’ by Sam […]