Our House System

Trinity CofE High School’s house system was established after the 2002 Commonwealth Games which were held in Manchester.  The school wanted to capture the sense of competition and excitement that Manchester experienced during these games.  The four houses are therefore named after four commonwealth countries.  Tiger represents India, Springbok represents South Africa, Wallaby represents Australia and Maple represents Canada.

House Point Totals

The current total amount of house points for each house are:


1268 Points

1179 Points

899 Points

1558 Points

Being part of a house allows the school to recognise the fantastic achievements that happen during the school year.  It also provides students with the opportunity to participate in fun and interesting extra-curricular events and activities.  It encourages teamwork and allows students to become part of the wider Trinity community.  Being part of a house provides students with a sense of identity, meaning they are proud to represent Trinity CofE High School .

Several events and charitable campaigns run throughout the year, a list of which can be found below;

Harvest Festival Collection
Trintiy’s Big Quiz
Christmas Gift Appeal
Spelling Bee
Sport Relief Mile Run

As well as events and campaigns students also have the opportunity to take part in Debate Mate, Eco-school project and Student Council.

Eco Action GroupTrinity CreditsCharityTrinity School Council

Eco Action Group

The Eco Action group has been reformed this year, with some new members representing all year groups. This has added some valuable insight into how we as a school can become more Eco friendly.
The pupils have taken on two projects this year, trying to cut down on plastic usage in the schools canteens and sending books to Africa. 
The Group meet once every 2 weeks to discuss the progress of the projects and report to Mr Nicholls and the school cohort. The Eco action group will also be responsible for a Big Clean Up to help create a better and safer space for the people and wildlife in our local community.

Trinity Credits

Trinity’s credit shop is part of our positive approach to rewarding good practice. Students can gain credits for exceptional work and assessments as well as for being the ‘Pupil of the Lesson’. Students can also gain credits for participation in House events.

All awarded credits are logged, and form tutors are sent a summary every week, so our students can access their current credit totals These credits can then be spent at the credit shop on items such as stationary, personal care products and some sports equipment.

The shop runs twice a week, during morning break, and is open to all our students in the main school. It is a very popular system and is usually very busy.


The House team are responsible for organising the annual Harvest festival, Christmas Gift Appeal, Sport/Comic Relief Mile, and Trinity Give Back Scheme – enabling pupils to donate their credits to a charity of their choice.

These charitable events allow students and staff to come together and fulfil the Christian ethos of the school which includes helping embody a sense of citizenship as well as individual and collective responsibility for those in our wider community and engender a broader sense of social responsibility.

So far this year… we have donated over 1/2 tonne of food to Manchester’s South Central Foodbank at the Wesley Centre in Hulme. In addition to this, 340 Christmas donations were made to Wood Street Mission in Central Manchester to help families who were struggling to provide gifts for children. And finally, a monetary donation to Action Aid Period Poverty, thanks to the generosity of our student population donating their Trinity Credits at the Trinity Credit Shop.

Trinity School Council

The Trinity School Council is a formal group of elected students including Form Representatives, House Captains and Prefects.

The School Council meets once a month to discuss school issues and to work together with Mr Nicholls and staff to improve our school.

The School Council have successfully run BLM and Black History Month projects, worked with staff to improve LGBT+ representation and education and lobbied for the provision of a prayer room.

The School Council are continuing to working on projects that promote Trinity Together values and enrich the school community.

What’s happening at Trinity High.

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