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House Activities

Congratulations to Leila in Year 8 from Wallaby House who won the fifth non-physical lockdown challenge by writing a poem about lockdown heroes:

This is a poem for the heroes.
The ones without powers or capes.
The heroes that serve and protect,
Across Manchester’s skyscraper landscape.

This is a poem for the teachers.
A poem to shout out and say,
“That teachers are great!’
And always have been, every single day.

It’s the way, they inspire.
The way they help and care.
If it wasn’t for them -
We'd be lost, I swear.

It’s the teachers who tell every child:
“Keep trying and trying,”
The ones who notice,
When a child is broken and crying.

This is a poem for nurses
And doctors too.
In a time like this,
Without them, what would we do?

They perform life-saving surgeries.
Provide therapy and mental health advice.
Give you medicine and antibiotics.
A couple of ‘I have been treated’ stickers should suffice.

Fighting day after day,
On the NHS frontline. Pushing to help those suffering with Covid-19,
Until those patients are on cloud nine.

This is a poem for the lorry drivers.
Delivering our parcels, every day of the week.
Driving along the M60,
In all weathers, sunshine, rain or Manchester bleak.

This is a poem for the supermarket assistants.
Stocking shelf after shelf with food.
It's been hard to stock food, with Brexit all done.
But let's not use Brexit to dampen the mood.

It’s a poem for the working-at-home parents
Struggling over Wi-Fi, Zoom and of course Microsoft Teams.
It’s a poem for the parents who help you with online lessons,
The only rest they get is for 4 minutes eating custard creams.

You might question why,
I didn’t choose one local hero.
The answer is plain and simple.
"People are heroes every day, it doesn’t take a noble act to notice them,”

It’s a poem for all the heroes.
Tall and short, thin and fat.
For heroes like you and me,
And that my friend is a fact.

This is a poem for bin-men and women.
For the café owners and the local MPs.
For the emergency vets and hairdressers.
For the daily news-readings on the TV.

This is a poem for the heroes.
The ones without powers or capes,
But somehow, they just are zooming,
Flying around Manchester’s skyscraper


Thank you to Leila and for all the submissions we have had over the past week – it was the highest number of submissions we have had of all the non-physical challenges and was truly difficult to decide the winning entry! For the last non-physical challenge of lockdown, we would like you to demonstrate your photography skills! A snapshot of life during Lockdown through your window. We are requesting that photographic submissions be sent to by Monday 8th March.


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5th March 2021 – Vol 37 | No 23