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Music Tuition Special!

This week, we are bringing our Trinity Weekly readers a ‘music tuition special’ edition of the school newsletter. I’m delighted to handover to our Director of Music, Mrs Madden, to tell us all about music tuition at Trinity:
“We are thrilled that over 330 Trinity students ranging from beginners in Year 7 to advanced musicians in Year 11 and the Sixth Form have taken advantage of our exceptional instrumental and vocal tuition this year.
We have 10 specialist music teachers who attend on a weekly basis to deliver a range of individual, paired and group lessons in all the major orchestral groups: Woodwind, Brass and Strings, as well as Drum Kit, Piano, Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar, Voice and Steel Pans. Students who learn are encouraged to join our ensembles and perform in our many public events such as the Cathedral Christmas Carol Service and our upcoming RNCM Anniversary Concert in March. Our students also succeed in ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music ) and ‘Trinity College Music Board’ performing exams, and are able to study Music at GCSE and A-level as a result.

Parents and carers can sign their child up on a termly basis using an online booking system and this academic year, the level of interest and enthusiasm for learning music has been unprecedented, bringing a wonderful vibrancy and energy to the whole school. Students attend their music lessons on a rota each week and are encouraged to practise at home.

The fact that most music lessons at Trinity High are subsidised by the school (£60,000) is an extraordinary and unusual benefit for the children – this support is not replicated in many high schools, either locally or nationally. We are so proud of them for taking up the challenge to develop their talents and boost their confidence, self-esteem and mental well-being as well as contribute to the wider life of our school. Thanks to the many generous voluntary contributions from parents (over £4000 so far this academic year), we have been able to expand our tuition and offer every child who applied at least one instrument, with no waiting list – something we are very proud of. We are also proud that music lessons are accessible for all and that participants are truly reflective of our diverse school community. The Trinity musicians and singers are superb ambassadors for the school, and we rejoice that each of them is responding to God’s call to let our light shine.”


We hope you have enjoyed hearing all about music tuition at Trinity, along with some fabulous photographs from Mr Richardson. Our normal newsletter will resume next week!


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28th January 2022 – Vol 38 | No 19