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Remote Education Feedback

We’re into week three of the latest lockdown, and unfortunately it seems very unlikely that the whole school will return much before Easter. Many parents would think that we would be able to be more specific about school closures and re-openings, but the nature of the virus combined with complicated decision making at Government level within the Departments of Health and Education result in very sudden announcements to close and a very gradual reopening when that is decided. We have been told that parents, students and teachers will be given two weeks notice in advance of our next re-opening.
Last week, we sampled 140 parents about the ‘remote education’ that their child was receiving at home. The feedback was very positive, with many thanks being passed on to individual teachers, and subject areas. However, I have asked our two new (in September 2020) Deputy Headteachers, Ms Reynolds and Dr Chard – assisted by Ms Russell, our ‘Remote Learning Guru’, to focus their efforts on three core questions:

  1. Are we maximising all the resources we have available to the school to develop our ‘remote learning’ offer?
  2. Are all of our teachers working relentlessly to encourage greater interactivity?
  3. Are we reassured by the evaluations from parents, teachers and staff that our provision is ‘high quality‘?

There is no doubt that it’s a tough time for the whole community – especially learners and teachers who rely on the ‘interactive’ teaching and learning process.  I am however reassured about the contributions that many of you are making to the education process – from getting the students up on time to be in ‘form’ at 8:30am, to sorting out student I.T. issues and then helping with many of the practical tasks that have been set – I’ve just been looking at some wonderful pizzas that have been made in homes as part of the Year 9 food course.
Keep up the great work.


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22nd January 2021 – Vol 37 | No 18