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As a school, we pride ourselves on our high attendance figures, as regular attendance in school is strongly linked to good attainment and achievement. The attendance for Years 7-11 and a form-by-form breakdown since 01.09.2018 is as follows:

Congratulations to all the form groups highlighted in green for being the highest attending forms in their year groups. A special mention must be made to 8FAL for being the highest attending form in the whole school, with an impressive attendance figure of 98.6%.

The current attendance for the whole school currently stands at 96.9%. With a big push from everyone in school, we hope that this figure is able to reach above 97% later this year.

The government states that every student’s attendance should be at least 95%. Please be aware that if a student is late for school, this can also lower their attendance. The table on the next page demonstrates the effect attendance can have on education.


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18th January 2019 - Vol 35 | No 17