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Jun 17, 2022


Physiology Friday

From Assistant Head and Head of Science, Mr Johnson:

“As a result of our links with Manchester University’s Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, we were proud to host the first ‘Physiology Friday’ event.  On the day, 40 of our Year 10, 11 and 12 students who are taking part in our ‘789 Medics’ and ‘Aspiring Medics’ programmes were able to work with 15 researchers from the University for the afternoon. We learned more about the heart, diabetes, the placenta, physiological measurements, and also how by studying turtles we can learn more about respiration in humans.

Our next exciting event is for 40 Year 10 students and 10 Year 12 students to travel to the Field Studies Council centre at Malham for a residential weekend to concentrate on careers in healthcare and to carry out some fieldwork.  This will also be supported by the University, who will be accompanying us with 10 of their staff for the weekend.”

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2nd November 2018 - Vol 35 | No 8