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GCSE Success Stories!

Highest Grades

Jan Wos 

[Joint Best GCSE Results]

Jan has been an outstanding student at all stages of his time at Trinity and therefore it is no surprise that he has achieved grade 9’s in every subject in his GCSEs. Apart from being a wonderful student Jan has also been an accomplished musician during his time at Trinity. The world truly is his oyster as he starts his A-Level studies at Trinity 6th Form. Congratulations Jan.

Rosa Colyer

[Joint Best GCSE Results]

Rosa has had an incredible five years at Trinity and has been outstanding as a student at every stage. We always knew she would achieve at a high level and the fact that she has achieved grade 9 in all of her GCSE subjects is testament to this. We couldn’t be prouder of you Rosa and you have an amazing future in front of you. We are over the moon that Rosa will be continuing her journey through A-Level at Trinity 6th Form.

Mariam Forester

Congratulations to Mariam on an amazing set of GCSE results (seven grade 9s and two grade 8s). Mariam is every teachers dream. She is bright, articulate and fully engaged in her education and can only go from strength to strength as she now prepares to begin studying A-Levels in English Literature, Psychology, Biology and Chemistry at Trinity 6th Form.



Daniel Musoke

Daniel has worked incredibly hard during his time at Trinity and now has an amazing set of GCSE results in the bank (seven grade 9s, two grade 8s and a grade 7). He is a popular young man and we are delighted that he has chosen to study A-Levels in Physics, Chemistry and Maths at Trinity 6th Form.



Huw Richards

Huw is a lovely, diligent young man who has spent his time at Trinity working to his full potential. He has done brilliantly today collecting mostly grade 9s and grade 8s in his GCSEs. We are confident we will be hearing more wonderful things from Huw in the not too distant future.

Excellent Progress

Lucinda Green

[Best Progress (Y7 to Y11)]

Every teacher who has ever had the privilege of teaching Lucinda whilst at Trinity will all say the same thing about this incredible student – her passion and drive to succeed has no rival. It is of course then no surprise that she is the year 11 student who has made the most academic progress during her time at Trinity. With this work ethic Lucinda can only go from strength to strength in year 12 and beyond at Trinity 6th Form.


Kshitij Chawan

Kshitij has worked so hard over the last five years and this is reflected in the outstanding progress that he has made in his GCSE results. Any teacher who has taught Kshitij will know how amazing he is and he deserves all the rewards that will no doubt be coming his way as he now moves to continue his studies at Trinity 6th Form.




Rukaya Barker

Rukaya has given 100% during her time at Trinity and the GCSEs that she has collected today are a reflection of this. She has made excellent progress during her time at Trinity and we are confident this will continue as she prepares for year 12 at Trinity 6th Form.




Other Success Stories

Dieko Afuwape

Dieko joined Trinity at the beginning of year 11. She very quickly showed us what an incredible and hard-working student she is and she fully deserves the wonderful set of GCSE results that she has collected today. Congratulations Dieko.




Abigail Aves

Abigail has today become the third member of her family to collect an outstanding set of GCSE results at Trinity. She will now follow her sisters Emily and Hannah and continue her journey into year 12 here at Trinity 6th form.